Foodiez TV Is LIVE – The First Video Restaurant Review Channel feat. UK’s Best Food Bloggers

Foodiez TV is an exciting new venture I recently joined as a food blogger and restaurant reviewer. It is the first online video channel dedicated to restaurant reviews and all food related news in the UK.

Andy Hayler Photo credit:

The co-founder and mastermind behind the project is Andy Hayler – one of the most influential restaurant critics in the world and the only man known to have dined at every singe 3 Michelin starred restaurant on the planet(!). I’ve been referring to Andy’s restaurant reviews for many years, and when he announced the launch of Foodiez TV on Twitter, I knew I had to become part of it!

Foodiez TV is offering a number of various formats: Restaurant Reviews by the 50 most influential food bloggers in the UK, including myself  ;), High Street Foodie and Three Star stories featuring Andy Hayler himself.

For the first two weeks, Andy’s task for me was to find the best gastropub and the best Italian restaurant in and around my area. Having lived between London’s Chelsea, Pimlico, Belgravia and Fulham for many years now, I have a number of favourites, but only one restaurant could be a winner in each cuisine category…

Sweervywine Filming at Foodiez TV studio in Chiswick
Filming at Foodiez TV studio in Chiswick. Photo credit: Foodiez TV

Once I’ve completed production of my photo and video material on my favorite restaurants, I visited Foodiez TV in their studio to film my video reviews. The highly professional Foodiez TV team, incl. the talented producer and actor Martin Behrman, have made it such an amazing and fun experience. I can’t wait to continue working with them on future videos!

Are you curious yet? I’m sure you are! And now, prepare to get hungry too! Here I am, in my new capacity as a Foodiez TV presenter:


SweervyWine Reveals the Best Gastropub in Fulham

Next week I will uncover my top choice Italian restaurant in SW London, so make sure you sign up for updates!

My fellow bloggers are covering other areas in London and across the UK so I invite you visit Foodiez TV Channel and see which restaurants have won our “BEST IN” accolade in your area.

Follow SweervyWine and make sure you subscribe to Foodiez TV and you’ll get notified whenever a new bunch of videos hit the screen.

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3 thoughts on “Foodiez TV Is LIVE – The First Video Restaurant Review Channel feat. UK’s Best Food Bloggers”

  1. Hallo Suada,
    Wir haben deinen Beitrag auf foodiez to gesehen und sind total begeistert! Du machst das echt super professionell.
    Wir freuen uns schon auf den nächsten Restaurant tip. Hoffentlich gehen wir da auch mal zusammen essen 😉.
    Mach weiter so!👍🏽👍🏽
    Liebe Grüße und Bussi von Mayke & Gerhard


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