Piedmont ’14

This summer I was lucky to be invited to a wedding in Tortona, North-West Italy, region of Piedmont. What better reason could I possibly have found to add a few days to the trip and to explore Italy’s most important wine region (along with Tuscany of course..!)

Piedmont (or Piemonte in Italian) is producing the worldwide celebrated Barolo wines which are unique in their characteristics of high acidity and tannin levels as well as for the aromas of roses and tar. Italy’s indigenous red grape varieties Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto find their best expression here, along with a number of white varieties like Arneis, Cortese and Moscato.

And food.. oh glorious food of Piemonte! Did you know that Alba – a town of only 54 km2 total area and a population of around 32,000 people – is the world capital of truffles? And that it has “only” 14 Michelin-starred restaurants? Rather than writing an essay on all of the culinary delights (non-Michelin, but still awesome) which I was lucky to enjoy during my trip, I will simply let you browse the photo gallery and see for yourself.

WARNING: contains mouth-watering images!! 😉

Producers visited:                                                                                           Ceretto & Giovanni Rosso

June 2014

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