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sweervywine logoWith the year-end festivities approaching fast we are all starting to plan our numerous get-togethers, dinner parties and of course our Christmas and New Year’s Eve meals. In the heat of these preparations we should not forget that food and wine taste much better if they are matched correctly!

To help you celebrate in style I am running a seasonal promotion for my wine consultancy services until December 20, 2016. Continue reading ARE YOU DREAMING OF A WINE CHRISTMAS?

The star of Barolo (and why I’m so ecstatic)

This is a quick post to express how absolutely thrilled I am to read the latest news in the April issue of the Decanter magazine. The wine I fell in love with during my trip to Piedmont last year has been rated as OUTSTANDING by the wine critics in the 2010 vintage panel tasting! Out of 134 wines tasted only 3 have scored Continue reading The star of Barolo (and why I’m so ecstatic)

Preserving wine with Le Creuset Wine Pump

Who hasn’t faced the problem of having a half empty (or better said, half FULL!) bottle of wine after dinner and not knowing how to keep it fresh for another few days? Answer is – we all have as we are  watching our weekly units, aren’t we! 😉 Before I discovered the wine pump I either used the original cork/screw cap to reseal the bottle or one of those decorative stoppers, and was often disappointed by wine tasting flat or showing signs of oxidation once left in the fridge for a day or two.

The wine pump closure solves the problem. It comes with a stopper which goes on top of the bottle and then you use the pump to remove all air out of the bottle, therefore vacuum sealing it and preventing any contact with oxygen. Your wine stays fresh for up to a week for you to enjoy it longer. I got myself the pump by Le Creuset: and I’m very happy with it.

TIP: you can get great discount for it at Bicester Village Outlet Centre.