Past year in wine

Follow the link for a little trip down the memory lane of the wines I tasted and enjoyed in the past year:

TASTING NOTE: Pale ruby in colour, dominating red fruit aromas (sour cherry, red currant), soft tannins, very delicate wine. It paired excellently with a summer style rack of lamb, bak choi and sweet potato mash. If you pair it with cheese, avoid sweet components like chutney – it overpowers the palate and rather neutralises the wine.

There were many highlights among them but the clear winner was the 2008 Pirinoa Road, a Pinot Noir from Martinborough, New Zealand. No surprise I had to buy a full case of it! It is unfortunately sold out but 2010 vintage (very good, but not as special as 2008) is available through Antipodean Sommelier (


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