From SweervyWine’s kitchen with love..

First thing I need to point out – in my defence (!) – is that I barely spent any time in the kitchen until I got married. But once you have tied the knot you will inevitably (especially as a woman), sooner or later, find yourself there, in the four walls of your own family kitchen. Luckily (esp. for my husband), it turned out that I quite enjoyed cooking, and this is how the series of SweervyWine’s kitchen adventures was launched.

1795747_303298993173396_984092376441356033_nI decided to apply the same principle here as I did with the Restaurant Dining section, meaning that you can admire all my (not so attractive-looking) food creations to-date in my Facebook page album. Please do let me know if you would like a recipe to a particular dish you see there.

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