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2016 in Review & Cheers to a Magnificent 2017!

Looking back at 2016 most of us will feel the same way: it hasn’t necessarily been a great year in many aspects. Keeping that in mind, it is the time of the year when we need to take a moment to hold still and reflect on all the things in life we take for granted but should be most grateful for: good health, our loved ones around us, a home, a warm meal every day… And if you are really lucky, a glass of heart-warming soul-soothing taste-buds-pleasing wine. Continue reading 2016 in Review & Cheers to a Magnificent 2017!

Wines of Azerbaijan at the London Wine Fair 2014

This year’s London Wine Fair – the capital’s biggest trade event of the year was a particularly important one for me personally. Wines from my place of birth – Azerbaijan – were represented for the first time. 10458668_294059557430673_8074319380130166487_n

ASPI winery was founded in 2007 and the vineyards were planted in the beautiful mountainous region of Gabala, in the Savalan Valley, producing their first vintage in 2010. Azerbaijan’s typically hot climate is moderated by the altitude of Gabala region which makes quality viticulture possible in the area. Soils are varied but predominately clay with vineyards planted with South-East facing aspect.

ASPI winery has brought talented Italian oenologists Daniele D’Andrea and his wife Elisa on board. They are focusing on producing high quality wines with potential to compete with the old school European classics and to win the hearts of the European wine lovers. (they won mine!) It was my absolute pleasure to meet with the team of ASPI winery & vineyards in London, to taste their wines and to have Daniele take me through the secrets of winemaking in Azerbaijan.

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For more information about the producer visit their website at: http://aspiwinery.com/