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Susumaniello, The Mysterious Italian At My Dinner Table

Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Nero d’Avola are all well-known and much loved Italian grape varieties. But did you know that Italy actually has over 700 (!) indigenous grape varieties? Yes, that’s a lot to taste through. I’m thrilled to report that I at least made a start by getting introduced to Susumaniello, an ancient grape native to Puglia region, the “heel” of Italy. Continue reading Susumaniello, The Mysterious Italian At My Dinner Table

From SweervyWine’s kitchen with love..

First thing I need to point out – in my defence (!) – is that I barely spent any time in the kitchen until I got married. But once you have tied the knot you will inevitably (especially as a woman), sooner or later, find yourself there, in the four walls of your own family kitchen. Luckily (esp. for my husband), it turned out that I quite enjoyed cooking, and this is how the series of SweervyWine’s kitchen adventures was launched.

1795747_303298993173396_984092376441356033_nI decided to apply the same principle here as I did with the Restaurant Dining section, meaning that you can admire all my (not so attractive-looking) food creations to-date in my Facebook page album. Please do let me know if you would like a recipe to a particular dish you see there.