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The star of Barolo (and why I’m so ecstatic)

This is a quick post to express how absolutely thrilled I am to read the latest news in the April issue of the Decanter magazine. The wine I fell in love with during my trip to Piedmont last year has been rated as OUTSTANDING by the wine critics in the 2010 vintage panel tasting! Out of 134 wines tasted only 3 have scored Continue reading The star of Barolo (and why I’m so ecstatic)

Italian wine summer

No other country in Europe bears such an immense history along with the huge variety of food, grape varieties and breathtaking landscapes as does Bella Italia. This summer I was lucky to visit this beautiful country twice (well, actually 3 times, but one was just a race through Florence museums).. A click on the pictures below will take you to photo galleries full of memories of my trips to Piedmont and Sardinia.