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Season pre-opening – summer whites dreaming

Even though it may seem like this winter will never end, we are officially, inevitably and luckily (yay!) approaching its end. Meaning that sometime sooner or later we will be stepping away from our full-bodied, big, warming, winter red wines and reach out for that bottle of refreshing crisp white to go with our ever lighter meals.

In the meantime, I thought I would start spreading some summer mood and pre-open the season of “refreshing whites” with an impressive bottle I received from the London merchant Roberson Wine for review: Continue reading Season pre-opening – summer whites dreaming

“Minerality” in wine & how I learned from the German

When I was learning the systematic approach to wine tasting at wine school there was one descriptor term for white wines I quite struggled with – minerality. There was some debate about it at school among students, then I asked a friend who knows his wine (professional that is) and was told to imagine the flavour if I was sucking on a wet flat rock on the river… (Whattt?!) Continue reading “Minerality” in wine & how I learned from the German