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Old World vs. New World – Jancis Robinson & Oz Clarke battle it out

When I received the invitation to attend the first Investec event in their newly created series of The Stand debates my eyes must have lit up in excitement like those of a 5-year old about to unpack Christmas presents. Two of UK’s and world’s most influential wine experts, authors to a number of wine books on my bookshelf – Jancis Robinson MW and Oz Clarke – were to debate the strengths and weaknesses of Old World vs. New World wines. Continue reading Old World vs. New World – Jancis Robinson & Oz Clarke battle it out

A little tribute to my former homeland

There is hardly anything more exciting for a wine-geek than meeting the winemaker in person. And I mean no representative of a marketing team but the guy who really is responsible for what’s in your glass. The one with his hands on the vines in the vineyard, the artist in the winery and the mastermind behind all the processes before, in between and after production which influence the quality and character and create the soul of the wine.

Josef Umathum. Source: Wein & Co

Recently I was very lucky to meet Continue reading A little tribute to my former homeland

The star of Barolo (and why I’m so ecstatic)

This is a quick post to express how absolutely thrilled I am to read the latest news in the April issue of the Decanter magazine. The wine I fell in love with during my trip to Piedmont last year has been rated as OUTSTANDING by the wine critics in the 2010 vintage panel tasting! Out of 134 wines tasted only 3 have scored Continue reading The star of Barolo (and why I’m so ecstatic)

Season pre-opening – summer whites dreaming

Even though it may seem like this winter will never end, we are officially, inevitably and luckily (yay!) approaching its end. Meaning that sometime sooner or later we will be stepping away from our full-bodied, big, warming, winter red wines and reach out for that bottle of refreshing crisp white to go with our ever lighter meals.

In the meantime, I thought I would start spreading some summer mood and pre-open the season of “refreshing whites” with an impressive bottle I received from the London merchant Roberson Wine for review: Continue reading Season pre-opening – summer whites dreaming

A taste of CVNE Rioja

Haro at a glance
Source: Decanter 12/2014, p. 38

If you enjoy drinking Rioja you probably will have come across the CVNE wines. CVNE (pronounced “Coonay”) stands for Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España (The Northern Spanish Wine Company) and was established in the late 19th century in Haro, Rioja Alta, by the brothers Raimundo and Eusebio de Asua who were originally from Bilbao.

The history of CVNE is remarkable and their traditional yet innovative approach to winemaking has made the winery one of Rioja’s best known and loved ones in Spain.

Travel tip:

  • The historic Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel’s cellar of CUNE has been completed in early 20th century and is today the barrel cellar for the Imperial brand and a popular visitor attraction.
  • Haro is a great hub for wine tours of Rioja as many big names, e.g. Muga and La Rioja Alta are based here.

Continue reading A taste of CVNE Rioja