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Supertuscans – the superheros from Bolgheri

“…if Ravel’s “Bolero” was a wine, it would probably be the 2007 Ornellaia”

From the day the London based wine merchant Armit Wines and the world famous Tenuta dell’Ornellaia had announced a competition earlier this year to win a trip to Tuscany to visit the Ornellaia estate, I was on a mission. The challenge was to take a creative photo of one’s enjoying Le Volte (the entry level wine of Ornellaia) and to share it on social media with the hashtag #LoveLeVolte.

I got obsessively dedicated to win this challenge. To make the long story short, I created a series of photos involving food, flowers, football and even my then one year old daughter. Finally the winner was announced … and there I was, doing the happy dance in my living room! 🙂

Fast forward to the end of September and… READ MORE

SweervyWine & The City: Baku & Savalan Chardonnay

You may have seen my recent post  on London & La Rioja Alta that I promised will become a #SweervyWineAndTheCity series whenever I travel and happen to have a bottle of wine in tow… (Not that I always carry one with me! 😉)

I took these photos during my trip to Baku, Azerbaijan this summer. Continue reading SweervyWine & The City: Baku & Savalan Chardonnay

Azerbaijan – the Land of Fire, Food, Wine & UNESCO World Heritage

Have you ever been to Azerbaijan? Most people will probably say No.. And if so, may I suggest this as your next destination … But this isn’t going to be another of the thousands of travel guides available online. This is rather a little tribute to my place of birth, with focus on its delicious food and wines and a little bit of virtual sightseeing. 🙂 Continue reading Azerbaijan – the Land of Fire, Food, Wine & UNESCO World Heritage

SweervyWine & The City: Vol. 1 – London & La Rioja Alta

The idea of SweervyWine & The City (or #SweervyWineAndTheCity on Twitter and IG) was born when the local wine merchant Armit Wines have announced a competition to win a trip for two to Rioja, Spain. One had to take a photo of any bottle of wine from the producer La Rioja Alta with a famous landmark Continue reading SweervyWine & The City: Vol. 1 – London & La Rioja Alta

Italian wine summer

No other country in Europe bears such an immense history along with the huge variety of food, grape varieties and breathtaking landscapes as does Bella Italia. This summer I was lucky to visit this beautiful country twice (well, actually 3 times, but one was just a race through Florence museums).. A click on the pictures below will take you to photo galleries full of memories of my trips to Piedmont and Sardinia.